COVID-19 Response

Update April 5, 2020

As more customers are starting to wear masks, we are faced with the issue of being able to successfully ID them without removing the mask. Some customers are understandably upset by this request, however, this is for all of our protection. A minor change to our protocol, just for the duration of this corona disaster, is in order.

For all security personnel, and stand-in door personnel, we are relaxing the 100% ID check rules temporarily. We are moving to an Observational 30 and Under rule. Meaning, all persons who appear 30 years old or under, will be asked to temporarily remove their mask for identification purposes. Should they refuse, they will not be permitted to shop.

Also, as always, if there is any question in your mind about the adult status of a customer you are serving, please ask for ID again at the register. Remember, if you sell to a minor it is a personal felony for you as well as a violation for the store.

Update March 22, 2020

We should all be encouraging our customers to shop and order on our online menu. Please tell people that our full selection of products are available there, and that curbside pickup is now an available option for all. We are also offering a 5% discount across a whole slew of selected top shelf products to those who order via Dutchie. This discount is ONLY available for those who pre-order online. We will be moving as much toward this option as possible to avoid congregating in the building and personal contact.

Flyers have been printed indicating this option to our customers and will be given out with each purchase/bag, and also posted at our registers and in our window.

Also encourage people to use/purchase their own piece for smoking. Sharing is daring right now. Don’t share!

Supply side will also begin limited online ordering. Keep in mind that this is a different link than the cannabis menu link, this one is …/store rather than …/menu for cannabis orders. And Supply side orders will be pre-paid for pickup. Amy is trying to get this store up and running today with limited quick purchase items only, and will post to Homebase once it’s live. Instructions for staff will be posted here.

We are also running a 20% off sale for the Supply side on ALL PARAPHERNALIA & CBD. That does not include food/drink items.

Update March 19, 2020

Today we will begin curbside service for medical patients. Till 3 will act as our curbside till. No curbside orders shall be rang into any other till.

One budtender, who is confident in checking medical cards and IDs, will be equipped with a belt, notepad, small amount of change, pens, and the iPad to conduct curbside service. When this person leaves the building or goes on break, a backup person will be tapped to cover their position.

Signs will be posted on our parking spaces that read “Medical Patients: Honk for curbside service”. So please listen and be aware of this. Security should be able to see/hear folks who require service and help alert budtenders.

Guidance for Cannabis Licensees: Effective Immediately

Curbside Service

  • Applies to: Cannabis retailers, qualified medical patients with a valid authorization and recognition card and designated providers.

At this time, cannabis retailers are not required to close due to the coronavirus restrictions. However, to promote social distancing for qualified patients, the LCB is temporarily allowing cannabis retailers to sell to qualifying patients or their designated providers outside of their business but within the licensed property line. This is the same allowance provided to approved alcohol licensees during this time.


  • Drive-through windows are not allowed;
  • Qualified patients must be entered into the Dept. of Health medical marijuana authorization database and have a valid recognition card.
  • Designated providers must be entered into the Dept. of Health medical marijuana authorization database and have a valid designated provider recognition card.

Update March 18, 2020

We understand that several employees have medical issues that place them in a risk group for COVID-19. Those employees will be excused from work with a doctor’s note. Should those qualifying employees choose, they can be laid off and collect unemployment until such time as they are called back to work.

Effective March 18th through March 31st (social distancing period) all employees who report to work will receive a temporary pay bump of $2.50/hour. This will go back to regular pay status as of April 1st, pending updates and changes from the government.

Supply side has been closed for walk-through business. The Supply entrance will remain locked, OPEN sign on, and the pass through doors will remain closed. HOWEVER, the Supply till will remain open and operational for employees to purchase and for any customer needs on an as needed basis. Supply till will need to be opened and closed as usual.

Fire & Frost Health and Safety plan as of March 17, 2020 and until further notice

Security Personnel:

  • Open doors for customers whenever possible to avoid public contact with door handles.
  • Sanitize door handles regularly
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of cough or sneezing should be denied entrance.
  • Observe a 10 person maximum customer limit in the store
  • Customers wearing masks will be asked to remove the mask temporarily for identification purposes and then allowed to replace the mask.
  • Customers coming in with friends in groups; Only those intending to purchase should be allowed in. Let others know that this is for the safety of themselves as well as their friends and our employees.
  • Ask excess customers to stand on the marked footprints outside to observe appropriate social distancing guidelines. Discourage “line standing” in close proximity.

All Staff:

  • Wash your hands frequently following these guidelines;
    • Use soap and warm water
    • Sing the alphabet song while scrubbing with soap to allow enough time for soap to break cell walls.
    • Dry hands thoroughly
  • Sanitize ATM key pad often (every 30-60mins or as needed)
  • Sanitize all surfaces as often as possible including all iPads, scanners, tills, door handles, desk/counter surfaces, bathroom surfaces, break room surfaces, etc.
  • Limit customers to no more than 10 in the store at any time
  • No touching products. Ask/inform customers that “for everyone’s safety we will show you the product but ask that you don’t touch”
  • Gloves – wash your gloves and reuse. Glove shortage = save gloves so that medical workers can have them.
  • Masks – If you feel the need to cover, as germs can be airborne, please wear a mask. If customers come in with masks, door is to ask them to quickly remove for identification and replace before entering.
  • If you are sick, displaying symptoms, or have had a fever in the past 24 hours you will be sent home and asked to get clearance from a doctor before returning to work.

FYI: 2 weeks paid relief being offered by government is only if you test positive for COVID-19