12 Deals of Christmas

It’s a tradition, and you don’t mess with tradition. So here it is, the 12 Deals of Christmas list for 2019.

Each day we will feature a different cannabis farm or i502 processor from the lovely state of Washington with 20% Off Farm wide, PLUS some extra bonus deals for each farm. We have also asked several of our suppliers to join us on their assigned day for a vendor day. Those are marked with “*”.

Day 1, Dec 12th – Cloud 9* (flower, joints, concentrates)

Day 2, Dec 13 – MFused* (Cartridges)

Day 3, Dec 14 – Driftboat Farms (flower, joints)

Day 4, Dec 15th – Cannburst (candies like Starburst)

Day 5, Dec 16th – Bacon’s Buds (flower, joints, rosin, concentrates)

Day 6, Dec 17th – Bodhi High (concentrates, cartridges, edibles, topicals)

Day 7, Dec 18th – Boggy Boon (flower, joints)

Day 8, Dec 19th – Blue Roots (flower, concentrates)

Day 9, Dec 20th – Hell’s Canyon* (flower, joints)

Day 10, Dec 21st – Cliffside (prerolls, flower, edibles)

Day 11, Dec 22nd – Double Delicious (cartridges, capsules, topicals)

Day 12, Dec 23rd – Honu (edibles, candies, topicals, suppositories)

Christmas Eve, Dec 24th – Optimum Extracts (cartridges)

Christmas Day – We’re open 10am – 6pm, and we have deals on ECC concentrates!