Hybrid Marijuana

Hybrid strains of cannabis are a great option for patients seeking the benefits of more than one cannabis plant. Though the first hybrids were discovered growing naturally in the wild, cannabis farms and growers have since begun to cross-breed popular strains in an effort to pair their benefits in a meaningful way. For example, while Sativa strains are traditionally known for uplifting effects with intense mental stimulation, Indica strains are conversely known for creating physical sensations throughout the body. Blending the two mitigates the more intense effects of each and ultimately creates one hybrid strain with complementary benefits. If you are trying to determine which options are perfect for you, consider looking at hybrid versions of your favored cannabis strains.

What is a hybrid weed? And how is it different from other strains?

There are various methods for creating hybrid strains. One involves grafting part of one cannabis plant to another, thus creating an entirely new form of the originals. Another method is to cross-pollinate two cannabis plants, then grow the resulting seeds into a new hybrid version. Much in the same way that cross-pollinated fruits have different flavors and take different forms, cannabis hybrids will take on traits of both its parent plants. For example, Sativa plants typically have tall, thin leaves; Indica plants have short, wide leaves; but their hybrid forms have leaves that are not too tall or short, not wide or too narrow. Finally, hybrid cannabis can even be created from the same strain, using the most desirable traits of each plant to create complementary effects in its offspring.

What is the advantage of choosing a hybrid?

Typically, the effects of traditional cannabis strains are either uplifting or relaxing, but the demand is high for single strains that can offer a little of both, or some combination thereof. Since cannabis strains are formed by the terpenes within each plant, choosing the appropriate hybrid means you’re able to choose the blended terpene profile that is right for you. Moreover, hybrids can also be made of cannabis strains that are higher in specific cannabinoids, such as CBD. High CBD strains are cross-bred together to create new forms that have varying ratios of CBD to THC, again providing the consumer a sense of customization over their purchase.

What Hybrid strain is right for me?

If you’ve already found Sativa or Indica strains that work well for you, consider exploring the effects of their resulting hybrids.

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