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Featured Artist Sep 2022: Ehi Spalding

September brings us a new featured glass artist from the Pacific Northwest. Ehi Spalding. In 1995, Ehi Spalding met a colorful character in a tuxedo and roller skates. The man was carrying a briefcase full of silver fumed, inside out pipes. Ehi told us “I hadn’t seen anything that beautiful. I bought one and said …

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How to Choose Your Smokable Glass

Stepping into the world of glass, can be blinding. First time toker to the iron lung smoker, choices for glass can be simple. Starting with getting the job done, to getting the smoothest smoke, to making it look the best on the way to your lungs. The first basic of making a selection in glass …

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What to Look for When Buying Your First Bong

When you started smoking cannabis you likely opted for a joint or chose a small, handheld glass pipe. These were effective and fun for a while, but maybe you want to take more control of your smoking experience? You may be looking for a cleaner, less harsh inhalation or just enjoy watching the smoke waft …

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