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Keith of Amanita Glass is based in Troutdale, Oregon and has been blowing glass as a hobby since 2015.  However, last November he turned his hobby into his career, after being let go from multiple jobs due to crippling PTSD.  Keith said “One day, after coming down off of a psilocybin trip, I just happened to be scrolling through Netflix where I found the documentary ‘Degenerate Art’ and not 30 minutes into it, I knew this was how I needed to spend the rest of my life.”

Galaxy spoon pipes by Amanita Glass

Jeremy Brunelle, aka Brunelle.pdx, helped give Amanita Glass its start by mentoring him for about 6 months before each of them got their own shop. They both share a love for sandblasted and deep carved glass.

When asked about his motivation, Keith said his inspiration comes from the dream of buying his mother and grandmother a house, meaning no matter what he’s working on in the shop, he’s always working towards that goal.

Space/Galaxy themed glass is currently his favorite to make, not only because it was one of the first styles he learned, but because of his love for the unexplored universe above us. This could be why his Galaxy pipes look like beautiful night skies, and they each have a small UV surprise!

Amanita Glass said one of his struggles is currently a single piece sherlock, as the bend in the neck can be tricky to get right, so if you see one from him be sure to scoop up his biggest challenge! We hope to see more greatness from Amanita!