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Health Benefits of Smoking High CBD Weed

More and more people are being enlightened about the magnificent things that happen when they intentionally take CBD and THC together in the correct ratio for their specific needs. The effects range from muscle pain relief to relief from inflammation and even stress. It does take some time and an experimental phase to find your …

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5 Medical Uses for Cannabis We’ve Known About Since the 1840’s

The United States currently schedules psychoactive Cannabis as a Schedule I drug, “defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” While the US Government may have buried its’ head in the sand as to the medical applications of Cannabis, we at Fire & Frost Cannabis in Vancouver, WA …

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7 Terpenes With HUGE Medical Benefits

Cannabis smells the way it does because of terpenes, which are organic compounds whose names tend to end in “ol” or “ne,” or begin with “methyl.” These are chemicals that are produced in nature that contribute smells (and thereby tastes) to a wide variety of plants and animals. If it has a smell, it is …

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