With the recent changes to the WSLCB laws and guidelines, there has been some confusion. If you’re a WA State medical card holder, we have some outstanding (albeit long overdue) news for you! The DOH has implemented new testing standards to certify medical grade cannabis products in Washington State. The new, certified products are now available at Fire and Frost Cannabis in Vancouver, with many more to come.

What does this mean for you, card holder? It means a savings of over 45%! Let’s break this down;

  • Save 37% excise tax AND 8.6% sales tax on ALL DOH certified products for a total of 45.6% savings.
  • Save 8.6% sales tax on all other cannabis products in the store, DOH certified or not.

Be aware that these products are only available to be sold at medically endorsed retail locations, like Fire and Frost Cannabis in Vancouver. (Not all locations in the area have this endorsement)

These discounts are taken at the register, off the regular retail prices. (All of these taxes are included in the retail price, as required by law, for any recreational customers)

Medical marijuana buds in large prescription bottle with branded cap on black background

From the WSLCB;

The DOH policy that clarifies compliant product as any product purchased by a registered patient will remain in effect even after the effective date of HB 1453.

  • Registered patients who purchase any regulated product in a medically endorsed store qualify for the sales and use tax exemption.
  • Registered patients who purchase DOH Medical Product (products with the additional testing requirements and the DOH logo attached) in a medically endorsed store qualify for the excise tax exemption.