SmplyGlassWorks, also known as Brett Burford, has been blowing glass for the last 6 years. He’s always loved creating art and glass has been the medium he found he enjoys the most. You can definitely see some influence of his first mentor, Dawghouseglass, in the clean wigwag of pieces he produces.

SmplyGlassWorks finds inspiration in life around him, as well as different styles of art. WigWag is a large part of his glass, he states that using line work in wigwags creates more color, which in turn makes other colors stand out. This highlights combinations that pop, while not taking away from the glass itself. His style is typically clean and simplistic while being eye-catching and colorful at the same time. You may notice his beautiful millies in the mini rigs we have, from Bart Simpson to a trippy desert sunset, this resident of Missouri is blowing us away with his modest brilliance.

Come in to the glass shop at Fire and Frost Cannabis this June to see more of Brett’s work, and enjoy 15% off all of it as well.

If you see a piece you like, feel free to reach out to to inquire about shipping services.