Empty1, also known as Mike Turner on Instagram, has been blowing glass since March of 2002. In early 1999 he met a glass artist, and after seeing the process Mike was hooked on the idea of blowing glass. When asked about mentors, he mentioned Vastglass, Etznotsure, Tymeone, Casey, Matt and Amy from Pure Virtue as well as Puffspendymelts Rob and Windra, stating he would like to give them all proper thanks for helping him get to where he is today.
The technique he uses most is benderback wig wags, which you can see in his jars with crisp line work, while the part he struggles with is forming and sculpting the glass itself as there are so many places to start. This allows him to try new techniques though, taking inspiration from life and the people around him while perfecting the finishing touches of his work. Every artist has some difficulties, for example Empty1 says he struggles with Crayola colors because they are difficult to work with, but if patience perseveres it produces some bright, vibrant colors that look absolutely wonderful! We like to ask all the artists who they would collab with if given the chance, this artist says everyone has the potential to teach and learn from each other, so he would collaborate with everyone if he could.
This California resident loves underwater themes and anything to do with the ocean, it may be difficult to tell based on his jars but quite a few of them have some beautiful contrast that reminds one of the sea. To decompress after a long day, Mike likes to cook a full course meal for his family and hang out with his son. He also does Extreme Mountain Biking and loves pushing the limits of what he can do. From hammer pipes to handmade jars with precision laid threading, Empty1 produces some fantastic glass work we love to see!

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