StarSeed Glass has been working with glass for the last 19 years. At the age of 5, he saw an episode of the PBS show “3-2-1-contact” that showed a soft glass demonstration and he fell in love. After studying ceramics for about 6 years, he made the direct transition into glassblowing.

StarSeedGlass learned the fundamentals from a friend in Maui before taking several classes, stating that a lathework and collaboration class with Micah Evans was the biggest game changer. The class was at Pilchuck Glass School, a school started by Dale Chihuly with the help of the Haubergs, to help “artists teach artists” which is still the main focus today. 

When asked where his inspiration comes from, StarSeedGlass said he gets his ideas at random times. Be it the shower, a road trip, or something unrelated, the next project always comes eventually. If you look at his skilled work, you can see Sacred Geometry has an influence, as well as fuming. Fuming with silver and gold is his favorite technique because it’s equal parts skill, conditions and luck. On the other hand, fuming is also the technique he struggles with as luck can be hard to come by.

If you’re wondering what Sacred Geometry is, it gives symbolic and sacred meaning to certain geometric shapes and proportions. This is an important theme to him as StarSeedGlass feels Sacred Geometry shows there is a language of life beyond time, expressed in nature and fractal patterns. Be sure to keep an eye out for his work, not only are patterns nearly perfectly drawn, there are some out there with killer bubble trapped/Line worked implosions!

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