More and more people are being enlightened about the magnificent things that happen when they intentionally take CBD and THC together in the correct ratio for their specific needs. The effects range from muscle pain relief to relief from inflammation and even stress. It does take some time and an experimental phase to find your ideal ratio and dose. This is because everyone’s body processes cannabis differently and there is no one size fits all when it comes to cannabis. You should start on the high CBD ratio side and gradually move to the balanced side.

There are some fundamental differences between CBD and THC that one should take note of. CBD (or cannabidiol) relieves autoimmune and inflammatory conditions due to its medicinal properties. CBD can offer relief from: arthritis, seizures, stress, and inflammation to name a few. CBD is also great for overall wellness. Over the years there has been an increase in the evidence supporting the claims that CBD can treat anxiety as well. CBD is rarely psychoactive. This is great for people who seek relief from chronic symptoms, but don’t necessarily want to be high. The more CBD one consumes the less the THC will get them high. CBD lessens the psychoactive effects of THC, depending on the dose. THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) offers pain relief. THC is very psychoactive especially if one has a large dose. CBD and THC make a great pair because CBD offers relief from chronic pain while THC offers quick relief from any pain or discomfort. That results in something that treats pain quickly and gives the immune system a long-lasting boost.

There are a few common ratios. They are 18:1, 4:1, and 1:1. Strains with an 18:1 ratio contain high CBD and low THC. This is also called a CBD-dominant strain. When using a CBD-dominant strain one should expect to have little to no psychoactive effects. This is best suited for someone who is new to cannabis or doesn’t want to get high. At this ratio it is rarely psychoactive. A very potent CBD-dominant strain carried at Fire & Frost Cannabis in Vancouer is Ringo’s Gift. It has a whopping 14% of CBD!

Strains with a 4:1 ratio contain a high amount CBD and a medium amount of THC. This is still considered a CBD-dominant strain. With this kind of strain minor psychoactive effects are to be expected. Another very popular CBD-dominant strain is ACDC which has also been praised for its uniquely high levels of CBD.

The strains on the balanced side have a 1:1 ratio which can be psychoactive. A balanced strain will usually cause a high a milder high than that of a THC dominant strain. Harlequin is a well-known balanced strain. Since this ratio can be psychoactive it is best suited for people who have a tolerance to THC or can comfortably experience its effects.

THC-dominant strains are high in THC and are low in CBD. When using a THC-dominant strain one should expect stronger psychoactive effects. THC-dominant strains are best suited for someone who enjoys being high, wants to attain some minimal health benefits, but is mostly concerned with fast-acting pain relief. Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream are two popular strains that are THC-dominant.

Author: Budtender Kiana