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It’s always a great idea to give someone something that will help them enjoy their hobbies to the fullest. That might mean new kitchen gadgets for the chef in your life, running shoes for your friend who loves to work out, or some unique paint colors for your artist friend. When it comes to gifts for weed smokers, the same idea applies– get them some great cannabis accessories to help them make the most out of their next smoking session. If you’re not sure exactly where to start on such a search, it might be helpful to check out this stoner wishlist as you gather ideas for the best cannabis gifts.

1 – Jewelry

If the person on your shopping list already has a massive collection of the best paraphernalia for enjoying cannabis, it might be hard to decide how you could possibly add to it. In that case, something like jewelry might be a better decision. Your local dispensary in Vancouver, WA will be able to connect you with beautiful accessories from local artists, and it’s all in a style that was specifically crafted to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts.

2 – Candles

One of the biggest things stoners have to worry about is that their hobby is associated with a certain smell that might not be very discrete. If they’re self-conscious about the marijuana odor in their room, a candle can help them reclaim the space. Pick up a hand-crafted candle at your local dispensary, and you can rest assured that the scent has been created to work well for the marijuana fan on your shopping list.

3 – Glass for Cannabis

Most cannabis customers who like to enjoy their favorite products out of glass are always looking for a new piece to add to their collection. Here at our Vancouver dispensary location, we work with some of the best local artists to offer a large collection of glass pipes. Come check them out today, and you’ll be sure to find something in a perfect style to complete your stoner wishlist.

4 – Essential Oils

Like candles, essential oils can help your friend or partner take control of the smell in their room, house, or apartment. The great thing about essential oils is that the person can create their own mix for a custom scent.

5 – Raw Hempwick Spool

Ideal for the natural, health-conscious smoker, this is a better way to light your cannabis. Instead of butane from a lighter, these hemp wicks won’t contaminate marijuana with chemicals. It’s also extremely natural, and some of our customers say it makes their product taste a lot better. Keep in mind that this is best for people who smoke flower, not concentrates.

6 – Pulsar Quartz Terp Beads

If the person on your shopping list prefers concentrates, give them some Pulsar quartz terp beads. These beads are said to increase the amount of vapor as well as its flavor. It’s a great marijuana gift for any extract lover.

Find the Best Gifts for Stoners in Vancouver WA

No matter the holiday, our team at Fire and Frost Cannabis supply can help you find the best gifts for weed smokers. We offer a wide selection of products on your stoner wishlist for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and beyond. Contact us today if you have any questions, or come see us in person to pick from our assortment of marijuana gifts. We look forward to serving you as you complete your search for that special someone on your shopping list.