Edibles are becoming increasingly popular because of how the effects come up more gradually over time and how long those effects last.

The question is, though, how long do edibles last before they go bad? Do edibles get stale or spoiled? Do cannabis edibles lose their potency over time? The answer will depend partially on what kind of food product has been infused with cannabis.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Any food product that has been infused with cannabis will still age more or less like a normal version of that type of food product.

In other words, the cannabis extract in the edibles won’t be one of the ingredients that you have to worry about becoming spoiled. For example, in edibles that contain dairy products, the dairy will go bad long before the cannabis extract. 

Baked goods like cookies and brownies will last slightly longer than typical baked goods if they’ve been infused with cannabis because they’re prepared in a way that will give them a longer shelf life.

Edibles like cannabis gummies, lollipops, and other candies are made primarily of sugar, which allows them to last the longest of all the types of edibles. 

The rule of thumb is that if you store your edibles in cold places like the fridge, it will make your edibles last for 5-7 days. The 5 days up to 7 days rule is your best bet to consume your weed edible before they start to go downhill. 

If you want it to last longer, use saran wrap to wrap them and then add aluminum foil and place it in the freezer. In the freezer, you can keep many edibles for up to about six months.

Do Edibles Expire?

The short answer is yes, like all food, cannabis edibles do expire eventually. The good news is that you can preserve your edibles by refrigerating them or putting them in the freezer if you want them to last longer than they normally would. In addition to keeping them cool, you can wrap them up to keep them away from air contact. 

In the event that you want homemade edibles to last more than about a week, or if you want your store-bought edibles to last past their normal “best by” date, you can wrap them in plastic cling wrap or foil and put them in the freezer.

As with other food, you can get a good idea about whether or not your edible is still good by giving it a smell. If it doesn’t smell like something you’d like to eat, it’s probably best not to consume it.

Do Store-Bought Edibles Last Longer?

If you’re concerned about how long your edibles are going to last, it’s almost always better to buy them in a store than it is to make them yourself. When you get them in a store, they’ll come in packaging that has the “best by” date clearly marked so there’s no guessing about how long they’ll stay good.

This makes it easy for you to know that you’re not eating something that’s spoiled, gone bad, or lost its potency. You can also talk to your budtender at the dispensary about the best way to store your edibles once you’ve opened the packaging.

Cannabis gummies, for example, normally come in containers that can be resealed to help preserve the freshness for as long as possible. If you get a chocolate bar or baked goods that come in packaging that you can’t reseal, it’s normally best to keep the unused portion sealed in a plastic bag.

Whenever you purchase the edibles, ask the budtender how long the product is expected to last so you can be sure you’ll have enough time to consume your cannabis edibles.

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