When playing sports, we immediately subject our bodies to the possibility of a serious injury. From personal experience on this matter, you know it’s a possibility to get hurt but you never think it will actually happen to you. For me, I made it twenty-two years without a serious injury in the game I love. Soccer was my sport of choice. I chose to stick it out to the collegiate level.

I take you back to about a year ago. I had just finished my sophomore season and won our region title. We were still practicing after our games were over and I was also playing pickup games on the side. I ended up getting injured and tore my MCL. Not how I pictured ending my season, but I’m still thankful our season was at a close (my coach would have killed me if this had happened during the season). The diagnosis was under a forty percent tear, so lucky for me no surgery was necessary. I still had to deal with crutches for the first month and half. The whole process took over six months to heal to a point where I could bend my knee a little more and walk without a massive limp.

At this point you’re wondering what does this story have to do with CBD? CBD saved me! For those who have already experienced the amazing properties of CBD you will probably be able to relate to my story. If you can’t relate, than I am so happy I can share my testimony with you.

Even though at six months I was healed up and able to move around. I still knew that my movements were more cautious and I felt uncomfortable a lot of the time. I am an active person and I’m always on the go so, for me, not being able to move the same way ultimately shook my whole foundation. I kept to myself about how I truly felt and there was depression overtaking my motivation to be my active self. When you get to this kind of thought process you really start to get hard on yourself which begins a vicious cycle and it’s hard to escape. Luckily, I had a great support system in my corner. I also did not know that I would start working at Mary Jane’s a couple months later.

This is when I was introduced to pure isolate CBD derived from hemp. I was so interested in all of our CBD products, this was such an amazing opportunity to continue a healthy lifestyle and expand my knowledge for self-healing. A lot of people like to put CBD and THC in the same category, since CBD is found in a lot of cannabis strains, especially Indica strains. The misconception that they come from the same plant can simply be solved by saying having a CBD isolate will not psychoactively effect a person.

CBD acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, creating physical changes in the body. Finally, products that anyone can try without feeling high, but still experience the healing properties of CBD. This is how CBD ties into my story.

I decided after I began to familiarize myself with CBD, that I would try a CBD isolate therapy for my MCL tear. From the research I had done I knew I needed to let CBD bind to my system, which simply means the CBD needs time to get to your blood steam to start working. I wanted this to be an efficient process so, I chose to start with CBD Isolate concentrates from PSHI (Pure Science Hemp Isolate) to get the ball rolling. A few days later I picked up a 500mg high CBD tincture to take daily. I was able to make it last about 20 days doing a quarter dropper at 25mg daily and making sure to hold the tincture under my tongue for at least 60 seconds. Holding it under your tongue ensures that the CBD skips the digestive tract and absorbs through the mucus membranes to activate in your system faster. Through the process I noticed I felt more well rested and woke up feeling productive, with excitement for the day again. I also realized I didn’t have anxiety in certain situations anymore. My view on how depressed and unmotivated I was slowly starting to shed and I was feeling like myself once again.

Now I have shared mentally how CBD mentally helped me, there was still the actual issue of my physical injury. I was already sold on CBD because of it’s proof of my mentality changing, but the physical change was even more impressive. After my MCL healed up when I ran my hand over the tear I could still feel this lump where it had repaired itself. This was all just scar tissue and you could feel it shoot through my nerves if I pressed on the spot. This is when our selection of CBD topicals made its debut. Every day, once in the morning and once at night, I would apply the rub on my knee and massage the topical in for about 2-3 minutes. I did this for three weeks consistently. When I went to feel for the lump in my MCL I could not really pinpoint where the injury was anymore. I was so shocked by this result, I just couldn’t believe it really worked that well. I mean I knew it would have helped me with everyday movement, but it went a step beyond and healed it for me completely. Fun fact, CBD actually helps repair cell damage, and that is exactly what it did.

I can proudly can say that today I am again playing soccer at a collegiate level, coaching as one of my full-time jobs. I really urge anyone who might be battling a new or old injury, an ailment or even a mental battle with themselves, to come stop by one of our shops and pick any of our great employees’ brains about any questions, concerns or advice on CBD treatment.

Jazzy P.